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As a young child I spent a great deal of time drawing horses and carving faces in wood. My family home bordered a horse farm where, during my childhood, I ran wild in the wide-open fields. Since then my life has been dedicated to the study of the human figure in sculpture. At age eighteen I enrolled in Ontario College of Art in Toronto , Canada to study drawing and sculpture. And, after graduating with a diploma in sculpture in 1981, I apprenticed for six years in Pietrasanta, Italy , at the Palla Scultore studio. There I refined my marble carving skills and learned the ancient system of enlarging scale models using compasses.

In 1987, I moved back to Canada and opened Meschino Sculpture in Toronto. Within six months I had my first commission to sculpt three life-sized figures as part of a fountain for Wharton Armories Hotel in London, Ontario. At that time, I accepted commercial work as well as commission pieces, and produced limited editions of figurative bas-reliefs that sold in galleries in the United States and Canada. In 1991, I received a commission to carve a life-sized figure in marble. All the aspects of a decade of training came together in this work and the marble piece was used to commemorate the opening of a new library in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Since 1998, I have been creating and refining a collection of figurative pieces in wax and clay to mold in preparation for bronze casting in 2004. Currently, two full-length portrait commissions for architects in Toronto are approaching completion.


Nilu Zarin, “Only If,’’ 2004 Portrait, standing figure
(bronze, 22 inches)

Vlad-Mirena, “With In,” 2003 Standing figure
(bronze, 12.5 inches)

University of Toronto “Blue Sky Project,” 1997 Solar car
Toronto , Ontario (epoxy & Kevlar fiber, 25 feet)

Richmond Hill Central Library, 1991 -1993 Figure, AliceRichmond Hill , Ontario (marble, life size)

Columbus Centre, 1992 Maquette for exterior monument
Toronto , Ontario (bronze, 24 inches)

Blake Ward, Sculptor, 1989 - 1992 Two male busts
Monaco (marble, life size)
Two female torsos (marble, 15 inches)

Lawrence Square Shopping Centre, 1989 Non-figurative
Toronto , Ontario (fiberglass, 20' x 20' x 20')

Karir Optical, 1989 Eight busts
Toronto , Ontario (cast marble, life size)

Wharton Armories Hotel, 1988 Three-figure group
London , Ontario Adult female with two children
(cast marble, life size)

Ontario Place , 1987 Non-figurative
Toronto , Ontario (fiberglass, 6 feet)

Sugiama Collection: 1984-1986
                              Abstract figure (Hydrocal, 22 inches)
                              Abstract torso (marble, 28 inches)
                              Abstract figure (marble, 32 inches)
                              Toronto, Ontario

Henry Juskevicius, 1983 Female torso
Hamburg , Germany (granite, 24 inches)

Juskevicius Family, York Cemetery, 1983 Abstract Figurative Monument
Toronto , Ontario (granite, 48 inches)


Palla Scultore
1981 - 1987 Apprenticeship
Pietrasanta , Italy

Ontario College of Art 1976 - 1981 Diploma in Sculpture
Toronto , Ontario